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Registered Office:

The Old Treasury, 7 Kings Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO5 4DJ


Company Reg. No: 9345419 Registered in England and Wales

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Hotels, resturants, canteens and kiosks all have areas which need to be quickly and efficiently fenced off and bar and servery hatches which need to be securely locked up outside of opening hours. Keep your products visible as well as secure with our choice of vision shutters and retractable gates, or choose a product with insulation benefits to increase your business's energy efficiency. With an extensive choice of colours you can choose a product which blends into the corporate look of your business.

Your Requirements:


  • To have  bar area as an operational room outside of licensed hours

  • To have the option to cover a servery area

  • To keep unauthorised personnell away from the area

  • A choice between solid or see-through shutters

Hospitality Choice:


  • LPCB approved and SBD products available

  • Full intergration into the premises with a choice of colour and vision

  • Insulated slats offering sound reduction

  • Electric or manual operation

  • Remote control option to remove the need for switches easily pressed by unauthorised personnell

SeceuroShield 38

Built-On Security Shutters


  • Strong extruded aluminium curtain profile

  • Medium security applications

  • Spans widths up to 4000 mm

  • Can be powder coated in special colours if required

  • Can be fitted both internally and externally

  • Available as built-on or built-in

  • Available with shutter art/printing

Great for you if:


  • You want to blend your security solution into your surroundings

  • You have a medium security application

  • You want to choose between manual and electric operation

  • You are a new build wanting the most intergrated seamless system available

SeceuroVision 38


  • Delivers up to 45% vision (punched) / 17% vision (perforated)

  • Polycarbonate glazing option

  • Medium security office / commercial / retail applications

  • Spans widths up to 3000 mm

  • Available as in-line or brick bond pattern (Brick bond pattern is subject to a surcharge)

  • Can be powder coated special colours if required

  • Can be mixed with SeceuroSheild 38 where partial vision is required

  • Very compact shutter box

SeceuroVision 75


  • Strong single skin galvanised steel profile

  • Delivers up to 25% vision (when back lit)

  • Medium security office / commercial / industrial applications

  • Spans widths up to 6000 mm

  • Can be powder coated any RAL / BS colour

  • Can be mixed with solid SeceuroShield 75 when only partial vision is required

  • Manufactured with White or Brown aluminium head box and guides for higher grade applications and easier installation, also available with traditional galvanised steel channels and head box